Maximize the Occupancy of your facilities

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RE Portfolio & Asset Management

Design your location strategy and negotiate access to the desired portfolio of buildings, selecting the scenario that best fits your company's needs within multiple options generated by dynamic simulation.

Portfolio Strategy & Occupancy Assessment
Assessing the Corporate's goals and the actual usage of the available buildings, the system supports the identification of a Real Estate strategy and initiatives that help to optimize the portfolio locations, improve the occupancy and optimize the asset profitability.
Asset Portfolio Catalogue
Whether you're a landlord, property manager, or broker, our platform enhances your marketing endeavors and facilitates the promotion of your buildings. We support the alignment with market demand, cater to tenant requirements, and ensure strict compliance with regulatory mandates.
Site Location & Space Planning
Explore various occupancy scenarios, be it building placements or interior arrangements, with our platform's essential tools. Engage in simulations, adjust seating, furniture, schedules, and more. Optimize solutions for an enhanced workplace experience and business uplift.
Lease Contract Design & Space as a Service
Assess and compare diverse design choices for Lease Agreements, facilitating the selection of the most suitable one for your business requirements. Our platform employs a data-driven methodology to pinpoint spaces optimized to align with your corporate's unique needs and occupancy strategy, establishing the corresponding lease agreements.

Access & Occupancy Management

Ensure the availability of desired experiences by managing access to your selected building portfolio, booking and reserving resources, and optimizing occupancy.

Space Planning & Lease Payment Monitoring
Manage space occupancy data, including current trends and future projections, along with access to shared resources as defined by contract agreements and company policies. Streamline space consolidation, occupancy tracking, and explore viable alternative space plans.
Access & Reservation Management
Plan the allocation of resources in line with anticipated or desired Occupancy Rates. Facilitate access to individual workspaces through efficient booking and reservation protocols, while also incorporating a virtual badge system for streamlined visitor and guest management processes.
Property Virtual Data Room
Facilitate efficient due diligence procedures for professionals by managing and storing essential real estate documents sourced from various domains, including Capital Projects, Property Ownership, Tax Management, Facility Services, Lease Administrations, and other RE&FM processes.
Common Document Environment
Establish a unified database accessible to all stakeholders, fostering the availability of critical information and documents throughout various project stages. Guarantee accurate versioning, traceability, and accessibility to ensure seamless collaboration.

Lease & Property Administration

Manage the entire lease and property portfolio process. Effectively track, optimize, and manage real estate assets, streamline lease document processes, and meet property requirements seamlessly.

Occupancy-oriented Digital Twin
Centralize data from space occupancy monitoring solutions, access and visitor systems, and reservation processes within the Building Digital Twin. This comprehensive view enhances property accessibility, provides real-time data insights, and attracts qualified leads.
Daily Access and Occupancy Summary
Manage access, occupancy, and usage data for assigned, shared, or common spaces. Enhance business operations and user experiences by leveraging real-time data, trend analysis, and direct user feedback.
RE Portfolio Lifecycle & Accounting Workflow
Enhance your building portfolio strategy using the lease administration and property tax management solution provided by the Platform Handle invoices, payments, clauses, critical dates, warranties, and ensure compliance with accounting standards. Keep your rental amount aligned with lease (re)measurements and negotiated adjustments.
Plan Costs/Revenues and Projections
Efficiently manage lease costs, revenues, and property taxes tied to provided spaces and services in contracts. This includes invoices, payments, incomes, utilities, and compliance. The platform tracks real-time transactions, forecasts obligations, and projects future changes using simulations and benchmarks.

Asset Value Management

Optimize your RE Portfolio's value over time, ensuring regulatory compliance and mitigating risk. Drive business growth by strategically transforming building locations and quantities.

Funding Scenarios & Allocation
Allocate funds and budget lines to various initiatives and programs, including recurring services, to ensure effective financial management and strategic resource allocation.
Asset & Portfolio Performance
Experience an end-to-end solution for data-driven value optimization across your entire portfolio and asset lifecycle, including acquisition, valorization, and disposal strategies with business plans, estimates, and projections.
Cost Administration & Chargeback
Approve payments only for verified lease agreement costs. Validate extra expenses (on-demand activities, new initiatives). Maintain accurate recurring fee calculations aligned with current space usage.
Billing & Receivable Management
Receive payments for leased spaces. Automate scheduling and generate authorized billing reports. Accelerate payment lead-time, improving financial position. Analyze and download reports connecting transactions with actual activities.

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Myspot Property for


Optimize your Portfolio's Value with the Space-as-a-Service Model

    TOur platform aids RE Managers (landlords, investors, property managers) in:

  • Tracking leases, critical dates, and FASB/IFRS reporting compliance
  • Automating workflows and approval tracking for faster transaction processing
  • Centralizing activities and increasing automation to minimize manual errors
  • Designing, publishing, and sharing reports
  • Managing administrative processes to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Enhancing Asset Value by promoting and making spaces available for rent or booking
  • Establishing a robust document management system


Enhance Space Occupancy Optimization while Aligning with Business Goals

    Our platform empowers your team to:

  • Manage what matters most with enhanced control and visibility
  • Optimize space utilization across sites using visual planning tools
  • Effortlessly handle contracts and changes from anywhere
  • Access payment information with ease
  • Drive continuous improvement with insights into workplace performance and experience
  • Leverage integrated metrics and data models for a comprehensive view of costs, activities, occupancy, and needs
  • Identify savings opportunities through trend analysis and projections
  • Consolidate space usage data, track occupancy, and explore alternative space plans
  • Transform the Cost Chargeback model into a Space-as-a-Service (pay-per-use) model for increased efficiency

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An application designed to manage workspaces: from Desks to Meeting Rooms.

Myspot Property is an event-based platform, that optimize your Workplace Portfolio

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