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MYSPOT offers places for any kind of business activity: you can meet your clients, work in team or focus on a task.

Simply start by choosing the activity you need to do and then explore the best spaces!


We know who can help your professional and personal growth

MYSPOT allows its community to collaborate on projects, share resources and generate success.

New people, new topics, new opportunities!


We know the business opportunities you might be missing

MYSPOT suggests useful events, initiatives and activities that can help you grow your business.

Follow our advice and find out a new business ecosystem!

The perfect ecosystem to grow your business

There are no limits. You can access the space you need, at any time!

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“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, others build windmills".

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MYSPOT is the smart-working platform that allows freelance, SMB (small/medium business) and corporate employees to identify, book and access the best place for any kind of work activities (for example client meeting, brainstorming, teamwork and focus) in terms of services, locations and community.


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