Put Engagement at the center of your Spaces

Manage people engagement based on autonomous relationship choices

Experience Design & People Development

Harness dynamic simulations to create captivating engagement and contract events using an innovative generative design framework.

Engagement Assessment
Maintain current engagement levels by establishing a series of initiatives aimed at enhancing and optimizing relationships and sustainability.
Engagement Spot Catalogue
Showcase workshops and events via a web portal tailored to assist trainers and community managers, spanning from marketing to contract negotiations.
Evidence-Based Generative Spot Planning
Utilize data-driven AI simulations to design optimal spots that enhance user experiences, aligning with engagement and sustainability goals, leveraging insights and digital twin technology.
Engagement Strategy & Contact Framework
Define comprehensive engagement strategies and related contracts for training and community management, supported by stakeholder evidence, experience programs, and access criteria.

Community & Change Management

Spark transformation through strategic engagement: dynamic events, interactive workshops, and community connections.

Program & Events Schedule & Impact Monitoring
Forecast and manage events, monitor the impact of established relationships and emerging needs. Cultivate a community aligned with the guiding principles for the future of the corporate workplace.
Community & Event Management
Design and schedule events, courses, and workshops in line with your engagement and community goals. Manage event booking, access, and participation both on-site and remotely, reflecting the evolving digital and hybrid work models.
Event Assessment & Impact Analysis
Conduct monitoring campaigns to measure satisfaction levels and assess the impact of implemented engagement initiatives.
Shared Document Repository
Establish a unified platform for the storage and sharing of event, course, and workshop materials and records.

Academy & Event Management

Develop dynamic engagement initiatives in alignment with contractual commitments and resource capacity, meticulously tracking progress and accomplishments.

Handover to Digital Twin
Manage data concerning events, forged relationships, insights, opportunities, feedback, and participation methods, ensuring a seamless update of the digital twin.
Daily Performance Relational Summary
Manage each event, monitor attendee participation, and cultivate a robust network of business connections, nurturing a vibrant community of professionals within the spaces.
Order Execution
Centralize the management of integrative requests or variations in the scope of interventions, leading to additional fees or extra project deliverables.
Preventive and Predictive Impact
Proactively and predictively plan, record, and oversee engaging events and community-building practices. Gauge user satisfaction, assess the climate, and initiate events to achieve your engagement objectives. Identify optimal solutions that yield greater impact and cost efficiency.

Sustainability Reporting

Strategically reshape the sustainability budget to align with the evolving occupational and engagement requirements prompted by the digital revolution's impact on the workplace.

Fundraising & Budget Allocation
Establish and allocate funds and budget lines for various engagement programs, ensuring adaptable management of funding sources and alternatives.
Sustainable Impact Planning
Monitor estimated project impacts (economic, social, environmental) and allocate CAPEX amounts for each project year based on earned value forecasts for each operating module. Assess the ROI and S-ROI of your choices, evaluating improvements in user engagement, productivity, and environmental sustainability.
Billing & Impact Mangement
Authorize payment on certified proof of completion to ensure compliance and streamline passive cycle processes. Approve billing requests and manage credit note approval.
Receivable & Payment Mangement
Generate active invoices upon certified proof of completion, reducing noncompliance and collection time while increasing the likelihood of favorable interest rates for invoice discounting. Manage payment solicitations and formal notices, integrating interest and debt collection actions.

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Human Resource Officers

Enhance Corporate Engagement

  • Develop initiatives for fostering inclusive environments
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Boost meaningful interactions through engaging experiences

  • Gather insights from event and workshop feedback
  • Plan upcoming events with community involvement
  • Enrich your catalog of available experiences

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