experience construction

Build your Space as an Experience

Design and build spaces generating new experiences through the building digital twin

Construction Design & Procurement

Design the experiential spaces and contract the works, assisted by generative design, based on actual data and dynamic simulations. Set your procurement strategy for services, supplies, and materials for a construction project with a specific focus on tendering and contracts.

Dynamic Facility Condition Index
Create a detailed understanding of the buildings, systems, and infrastructure in your facilities portfolio. Measure the functional condition of your assets and document their renewal needs. Establish an objective baseline your organization can use for capital investment decisions.
Furniture Design and Construction Catalogue
Boost your sales, engage prospects, increase brand awareness, provide convenience, and accessibility to your services. Through the design of your catalogue, your target clients will become aware of your existence as well as the products and services you are offering.
Generative Engineering Design
Our platform empowers designers to explore all viable solutions, determining the optimal layout that best meets the project's requirements. Integrated with Autodesk's Revit and AutoCAD, it offers a comprehensive set of powerful modeling functions for each discipline and enables seamless, integrated system calculations.
Contract Design & Procurement Support
Define contracts with clarity in terms of services, goods, processes, organization, tools, cost baselines, and technical specifications. Receive expert assistance in activating your tender process, including the setup of documentation and evaluation criteria.

Program & Project Management

Ensure smooth operations from start to finish, managing scope, timing, costs, and construction quality. Your business needs a robust, dynamic solution tightly integrated with contracts.

Program Management & Investment Monitoring
A single source of truth with defined Project Portfolio Management, automated orchestration, and clarity across capital investments. Plan, monitor, and maintain all activities for capital assets.
Construction Management & Change Orders
Keep schedules accurate, manage RFIs, coordinate change orders, and maintain comprehensive team communication archives. Simplify daily logs and streamline ongoing activities, including interference verification, procurement, and operation management.
Project Quality & Commissioning
The commissioning solution supports projects throughout all main phases, managing security and on-site compliance. Check the quality of work performed and ensure compliance with contracts, regulations, and policies.
Common Document Environment
Establish a shared database for all stakeholders, ensuring availability of critical information and documents throughout all phases. Maintain accurate versioning and traceability for efficient processes.

Engineering & Construction Management

Leverage innovative construction technologies to build sustainable, connected, and collaborative projects. Increase workforce effectiveness and ensure contract compliance through seamless coordination from design to construction. Deliver superior quality projects with accurate proofing and billing for the actual work performed.

Handover Service & Digital Twin
Support Construction to Operation turnover with document compliance, data validation, and normalization. Evolve BIM outputs for collaborative data models in operational strategies through digital twin adoption.
Construction Daily Report
Efficiently manage activities, provide instant feedback, and share time-effective updates. Support your workteam with on-site technology and IoT integration. Synchronize activities and resources, connecting teams, and empowering individuals to make well-informed, proactive decisions.
Order Execution
Effectively manage purchase orders, billing, and expense reporting activities. Streamline employee time & expenses, centralize document system, and customize approval workflow management.
Proactive Management & Construction Intelligence
Enhance project management with simulations and projections to predict risks and anticipate corrective actions, preventing extra costs, quality reduction, and delays. Support the success of your project delivery by virtually interacting with the physical property throughout different project stages.

Capital Expenditure Planning

Align needs with long-term plans and business objectives to prioritize capital investments. Manage enterprise capital expenditure planning, authorization, and budget tracking. Support budget management, forecasting, and actual expenditure tracking.

Funding Scenarios & Allocation
Identify funds and allocate budgets to different initiatives/programs and ordinary recurring services.
Capital Expenditure Planning
Support Project Cost Management with resource planning, cost estimating, cost budgeting, and cost control. The platform enables project managers to take a proactive approach to cost management, ensuring budgets stay on track.
Cost Monitoring & Invoice Autorization
Ensure payment approval for actual work performed and completed administration process (delivered documents and as-built information). Manage validation of extra costs generated by change orders and track their impact on budgets.
Billing & Receivable Management
Streamline payment collection for completed work. Generate automatic billing reports verifying authorized invoice amounts. Accelerate payment lead-time, improving financial positions. Analyze and download reports connecting financial transactions with actual performed activities.

Discover the solution to improve
the Experience of your Spaces

Myspot Construction for

Building User

Design and build the space perfectly aligned with the experience you envision.

    Our platform empowers Project Managers to:

  • Establish a centralized repository for programs, projects, actions, and costs
  • Proactively identify and address issues during the design/build process
  • Facilitate seamless collaboration and information sharing among project members
  • Provide clear, weighted performance metrics for multiple programs and projects
  • Streamline administrative tasks by leveraging existing data
  • Conduct "what-if" planning to minimize business interruption and cost overruns

Building Developers

Take control of construction outcomes, minimize risk, and safeguard profits.

    Our platform supports your team to:

  • Ensure control and visibility to manage critical aspects effectively
  • Manage contracts and changes from anywhere
  • Gain quick insights into site events with daily reporting
  • Easily access payment information from clients and for subcontractors
  • Understand current status and anticipate potential risks and issue

Myspot Construction is an event-platform built on a BIM-compliant knowledge graph

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