facility availability

Manage the Availability of your Spaces

A dynamic management based on predictive planning and flexibility of the operations

Service Design & Sourcing

Define your sourcing strategy, design services to create desired experiences, and select contracts aligned with your business needs. Our platform empowers data-driven decisions, dynamic simulations, and generative design algorithms to support you.

Availability Assessment & Benchmarking
Maintain up-to-date information on building availability by defining initiatives to enhance service performance and cost optimization.
Operative Marketing & Service Catalogue
Configure compelling proposals to emphasize your service value and boost winning rates. Identify fitting market opportunities, list services and activities, and publish your catalog and service bundles for optimized market presence and accelerated sales.
Sourcing Strategy & Service Design
Define a sourcing strategy aligned with your sector, local market, and building asset portfolio. Choose and activate catalog items in your portfolio (service bundles), designing your desired experience level with algorithmic support and simulations.
Contract Design & Procurement Support
Define contracts with service levels, processes, organization, tools, cost baseline, and technical specifications. Initiate your tender process, establish documentation, and set evaluation criteria.

Order & Service Governance

Plan and Manage service activities, including scheduling, costs, and performance. Adapt to new needs through flexible contract management and dynamic service levels.

Service Schedule & Cost Monitoring
Manage planned activities, define scheduling and contract costs, and monitor execution and feedback. Generate work orders and oversee actual activity execution.
Contract Management & On-demand Orders
Manage on-demand requests based on service type and priorities, optimizing service levels to align with client need.
Performance Management & Facility Commissioning
Ensure service alignment with contracts through on-site and remote surveys, KPI calculations, and customer feedback. Monitor performed services closely.
Common Document Environment
Establish a shared database for Users and Providers, compiling information and documents related to entities and contract transactions. Ensure portfolio site and document compliance.

Plan & Operation Management

Plan and manage operations and resources to deliver ordered services, ensuring contract agreement and regulatory compliance.

Handover Service & Digital Twin
Support the Construction to Operation turnover by defining and managing document compliance, validating and normalizing data and drawings. Establish and maintain the Digital Twin of the building portfolio.
Daily Activity Registry
Manage service requests, categorizing workflows and work teams by priority and issue type. Automate dispatching to designated providers. Maintain an accurate record of ticketing transactions for assets and spaces, covering both recurring activities and on-demand requests.
Operations & Workforce Management
Manage operations encompassing work teams, activity updates, documents, and costs, utilizing tailored approval workflows before and after work completion. Ensure operational compliance for both main and subcontracts.
Predictive Maintenance & Contract Intelligence
Enhance planned maintenance activities by establishing procedures and frequencies, leveraging simulation and optimization algorithms applied to each asset's digital twin. Utilize data-driven recommendations to improve service performance and dynamically update your contract.

Operating Expenses Management

Plan and monitor expenses, allocate budgets, and prioritize activities proactively and flexibly, aligning with the evolving demands of new ways of working.

Funding Scenarios & Allocation
Generate and designate funds and budget allocations for various initiatives/programs, as well as budgets for routine recurring services.
Operational Expenditure Budget Planning
Monitor and oversee all expenditures, tracking how transactions and initiatives are utilizing authorized budgets. Assess the impact of changes in the building portfolio and activated services, projecting their effects on the annual budget.
Expense Monitoring & Invoice Autorization
Verify payment approval solely for completed work. Manage the validation of additional costs arising from on-demand activities and new initiatives. Maintain accurate and verified calculations for recurring fees, ensuring alignment with active services and quantities.
Billing & Receivable Management
Collect payments for completed work. Handle proof of completion and generate automated billing reports confirming authorized invoice amounts. Expedite payment lead times, enhancing the net financial position of each service contract. Analyze and download reports directly linking financial transactions to actual operations.

Discover the solution to improve
the Availability of your Spaces

Myspot Facility for

Service User

Ensure the availability of spaces at competitive costs.

    The platform supports your Facility Managers in:

  • Optimizing the sourcing strategy
  • Improving contract quality and flexibility
  • Orienting and prioritizing budgets
  • Making data-driven decisions
  • Accelerating the digital transformation program
  • Reducing the risk of maintenance gaps
  • Enhancing the lifecycle of assets

Service Providers

Improve your market share and profitability

    The platform supports your team in:

  • Enhancing the win-rate of your tenders
  • Improving contract quality and flexibility
  • Increasing the margins of your contracts
  • Making data-driven decisions
  • Accelerating the digital transformation program
  • Reducing the risk of misalignment
  • Shortening the lead-time for payments

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