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Enhance your access and booking experience. Transform your workplace into an immersive and engaging environment.

Your workplace at your fingertips

onserve resources in your workplace via the WebApp
or Myspot Mobile App, for yourself or colleagues.


Book suitable resources with omnichannel software

Book workstations, meeting rooms, parking, attendance, and restaurant services in a few clicks from your preferred interface.

Check resource availability and see who has already booked a workspace.

Plan reservations with options for hourly, multiple, recurring, or full-day bookings, ensuring a seamless and adaptable experience.

Reserve resources for colleagues or guests and extend invitations to meetings. Interactive notifications will guide them through the upcoming experiences.

Connect Myspot with your schedule through Exchange and Gsuite integration, enabling direct reservation management from your calendar.

Ensure your presence with ease – Myspot prompts you to self-check in either prior to arrival or on-site, utilizing a convenient QR code system.


Invite, authorize and welcome your guests easily

Use the Myspot App or Outlook Calendar to invite external guests, enabling them to receive access badges for building entry at their scheduled time.

Keep your guests and company representatives informed throughout their visit with real-time notifications, from the initial invitation to the conclusion of their access.

Empower your guests to register last-minute access requests themselves or through reception services, ensuring seamless and efficient entry.

SExplore our innovative access control options, including gate opening and digital badge stamping. Discover the potential hardware and software integration methods tailored to your organization's needs.

Monitor visitor access data within your buildings, keep tabs on invitation statuses, and continually enhance the overall access experience.


Forge valuable connections with other Myspot users, enhancing networking and collaboration.

Build your profile and share your interests in the community. Contribute to the platform with your interactions and reservations, enriching the the Genius Loci of the places you discover.

Track your personal and professional growth with Myspot. Identify the skills you encounter and determine whether they are enhancing your abilities or ready for further exploration.

Navigate the radar to discover the communities present in the spots you frequent, along with the potential opportunities to connect with specific professionals within the network.

Organize a variety of events, whether private or public, free or paid. Promote your events and offer tickets through Myspot for easy access and participation.

Explore informative training content shared by network organizations, including articles and multimedia resources, to support your personal and professional growth goals.


Enhance workplace occupancy and productivity through continuous evaluation of monitored data

Analyze key KPIs across Booking, Occupancy, and Facility areas on the dashboard to enhance Workplace management within your Real Estate Portfolio.

Explore the range of sensors and technologies available in the Myspot & Partner catalog, and explore potential integration options with your organization's existing hardware.

Efficiently manage plans and spaces by releasing unoccupied booked resources and ensuring rule compliance through a real-time alert system that reflects space capacity.


Myspot is designed for your organization


A tool to book spaces and events, access venues and learn more about your network.


Control building entrances and create last-minute access requests.

Human Resources

Assign roles and visibility permissions, manage the engagement of the communities.

Building Manager

Organize spaces and events and make data-informed decisions on real estate.

Download the mobile app

Take the Myspot experience with you wherever you go: bookings, notifications and helpful tips all in one place.