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You will receive bookings from verified members of our community which include mobile professionals, creatives, employees, freelancers and entrepreneurs. We verify our member’s contact details and essential information to ensure that you feel comfortable welcoming them into your space.

Listing your venue on MYSPOT MAP is FREE. We only charge a 15% commission for each successful booking. No hidden fees or surprises!

The platform offers Stripe as a secure payment technology. To formalize the reservation, the user must make the payment on the platform. As soon as the payment is made, Stripe splits and instantly credits the amount due to your account and the related commission on the MYSPOT account. 

Absolutely yes! MYSPOT is a hybrid platform that promotes any type of structure that is suitable for receiving workers. All you have to do is: to create your profile, to decide which resources and what price you would promote, to create your Stripe account in order to receive payment. 

Stripe is the new standard for online payments. Every year it handles billions of dollars on behalf of innovative companies from around the world.

To create your own account you need to enter only the email and password at this link and the Stripe account is immediately active. The ultimate in simplicity! No hidden costs, you only pay for what you use. Real-time information on each commission.

Get in touch with us and ask us any questions you need by filling out this form. We're here for you, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

MYSPOT Platform - by eFM S.p.A.

MYSPOT is the smart working platform that allows freelances, SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) and corporate employees to identify, book and access the best place for any kind of work activities.

Meet with clients, work with your team, carry out your activities, find great services, locations and community. 


Receive useful advices to enrich your business and your well-being.

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